Restaurant – Oh, The Pies

Restaurant – Oh, The Pies


The pies.

Oh, what can you say about the pies?

Fresh baked fruit pies.

Cream pies.

Pies, pies, pies – and nobody makes pies like [NAME].

For years [NAME] has been your home for great-tasting meals that are made to order, extra-friendly service, a coffee cup that’s always full, and a comfortable and sparkling clean atmosphere.

And then there’s the pies.

Reaching out from behind the glass, calling you, knowing you want to take one home.

Chocolate, coconut, peach, cherry – right there – an arm’s reach away – all you have to do is tell the hostess, “I’ll take that one”.

Sometimes, [NAME] pies don’t even make it home without… samples being tasted.

And, can you blame anyone?

[NAME’s] pies are baked from scratch every morning – not delivered in a refrigerated truck.

That’s a lot of pies, pancakes, omlettes, sandwiches, steaks, and hearty skillets coming out of that kitchen – putting their best food forward every time you pick up your fork.